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    D’OH moment on getDocument performance

    John McCann  February 2 2012 12:23:35 PM
    We had just had a discussion concerning performance - an agent that has to collect information on a few thousand documents to present data to a dashboard.   The agent carefully uses a NotesViewNavigator and ReadViewEntries to maximize performance.

    I was debugging the agent to fix a few typos in an update I made and had reason to look at the Domino server console for potential error messages.  I saw on the console, warning messages from the anti-virus software about an attachment it couldn't scan.

    Then, D'OH, I made the connection.   It isn't just that using the NotesView and ViewEntries to get the information you need is so much more efficient than getting a document collection and opening documents.  I suspect that the real performance gains are the fact that you avoid the antivirus scan of the document and all the attachments.